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Seasoned Preppers Know About Solar Lanterns

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Read This Before Shopping for a Tactical Flashlight, Camping Lantern or Any Other Type of Solar Powered Light.

Solar lighting is perhaps the most versatile and reliable lighting option for any disaster scenario. This form of lighting is portable, durable, easy to use and available in a variety of sizes and formats. Read the following overview of what every seasoned prepper should know about picking the right solar lights for outdoor use.

Planning for All Contingencies

Having a solar lantern or camping lantern in a bug-out bag is obviously a good idea. These lanterns are sure to come in handy, especially when fleeing your home with children, a group of people and pets.

However, situations may arise when it simply isn't possible to grab the bug-out bag before fleeing into the wilderness. A disaster could occur when a prepper is out on the road, visiting a friend's home or even on a business trip to another city.

In other instances, a fast-moving fire or a sudden home invasion may force a prepper to run without grabbing important items.

Use the Sun’s Power to See at Night

Solar flashlights are affordable and cheaper when purchased in bulk. Due to their small size, they are easy to keep in various locations, including a vehicle's glove compartment, purse, travel bag or even a child's backpack. These solar survival products are invaluable when trekking, setting traps for food, looking for a safe place to camp and even prevent looters from thinking no one is there.

Tactical Flashlights Have More Than One Use

Choose a solar powered tactical flashlight that comes with a fully charged solar mobile power bank to ensure the unit will work at a critical time.

Make sure the flashlight has settings to choose brightness with a high visibility rate and a lightweight yet rugged build. They usually have a high beam, dim and SOS/strobe setting (in case of distress to get help).

An LED flashlight made of aluminum that’s shock proof and the head glows in the dark to find quickly are excellent features, too.  

Some flashlights also have cool add-ons that could come in handy when camping in an emergency. There is even one that doubles as a Ham radio. However, it is important to remember that add-ons should never be a priority when buying a good flashlight.

 It is often the “cool” looking for flashlights with multiple gadgets, but some don't have the durability it takes to handle an emergency situation. Purchase a Ham radio separately and stick to a tactical flashlight that has a track record for working long periods of time in all sorts of weather. 

Not all emergency situations will wipe out the power grid, so don't discard the mobile phone or laptop when running for the hills. A smartphone, tablet or small laptop can provide invaluable news updates, a way to communicate with others, GPS coordinates and much more. It's not worth risking life and limb to grab one of these devices one the way out but it is advisable to do so if the situation allows.

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Stay in Touch with Loved Ones Using Solar

A solar mobile power bank is a necessity to keep these items charged and running so you can reach family and friends to tell them you’re safe during a catastrophic weather event—or any other traumatic event that might occur.

Thankfully, this mobile power bank doesn’t have to be purchased separately. Some great solar flashlights are sold together with a mobile power bank, enabling a prepper with a limited budget to get both items at a discounted price.

Camping Lanterns: A Mainstay of any Bug-out Bag

Camping lanterns should have a spot in any bug-out bag. They help to keep an area well-lit at night, thus enabling campers to be on the lookout and spot danger in advance.

There are several factors to take into account when picking a lantern. Experts recommend buying one that is compact so it doesn't take up too much space in the bug-out bag or with your camping gear. The lantern should be bright, charge quickly, last a long time on a single charge and have a rugged build that is water, dust and bug-resistant.

A solar lantern that can double as a flashlight is a particularly good idea, since this allows for the lantern to be used in many different circumstances. A lantern with a hook is convenient so it can easily be hung on a tree branch or inside a tent.

Bear in mind that many of these lanterns are quite powerful. The fact that they offer a lot of light is usually a plus; however, it can be disadvantageous for a prepper who does not want to advertise his or her location. Even a candle flame is visible for up to 30 miles on a dark night; remember this when using a lantern to ensure that it only lights up the intended area.

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Prepping Others with Solar Powered Gifts

Seasoned preppers know they need the help and assistance of others. There is safety in numbers. What is more important is that a prepper never knows if he or she will need to rely on a non-prepper for aid in an emergency situation.

That’s why at least prepping experts recommended giving solar camping lights and survival products to non-prepper friends and relatives as gifts. This isn't hard to do if other friends and family members enjoy camping or outdoor activities. Everyone today is looking for ways to reduce power usage in order to save money and protect the environment.

A tactical flashlight, for instance, is great for camping, fishing or trekking in the late evening or at night. A good looking solar powered lantern can be ideal for a late night barbecue or pool party. Choose one that can be charged on both solar and regular power for added convenience.

The Sun Gives Us Life Saving Options

Solar flashlights, lanterns and camping lights definitely have their place in our world today. It's a safe and effective way to have various types of solar lighting options that save money and help us stay connected to power during outages and catastrophic events.

Use the power of the sun to make life better for yourself and loved ones.

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